Experienced Woodstock Traffic Lawyer

Experienced Woodstock Traffic Lawyer

Experienced Woodstock Traffic Lawyer

Experienced Woodstock Traffic Lawyer:  When you need an experienced Woodstock Traffic Lawyer call Bob Keefer right away.  You will learn your options during Bob’s FREE CASE REVIEW.  Your conversation is completely privileged and confidential and there is not cost or obligation.  You can schedule by following the highlighted link, by email info@BobKeefer.com or by calling 540.433.6906.

Experienced Woodstock Traffic Lawyer:  No one is immune from needing a Traffic Lawyer.  Take, for example, Anthony Mackie.  Mackie is an actor who has played numerous parts.  He starred in Captain America:  The Winter Soldier playing Falcon.  Mackie played in the Hurt Locker.

Mackie was stopped driving in Harlem, New York because his window tint was too dark.  He did not demonstrate any impaired driving whatsoever.  Of course, the best evidence of impaired driving is impaired driving.   The government’s evidence was the standard blood shot glassy eyes with an odor of an alcoholic beverage.  The arresting officer apparently threw his notes away so he could not be impeached with his contemporaneous notes.

The defense argued that the videos at the police station showed no signs of impairment in Mackie.  The prosecution argued that he must have sobered up between the time of driving, with no signs of impaired driving, and when he got to the police station.  Mackie refused to blow into the government’s breath testers.  He also refused the gymnastic tests at the station.

It all came down to simple belief in the police officer who apparently threw away his notes testifying about a case two years later. The Judge found the officer’s practice of destroying evidence troubling and though the prosecution ought to look into it.  Nevertheless, the Court sided with the police officer despite the video showing a sober Mackie and the relevant destroyed evidence.  If the Judge had dismissed the charge the government might consider changing that practice.  Since the government won it will continue destroying evidence.

Mackie received a fine, a 90 day loss of license and a requirement to take and complete an alcohol education class.

Experienced Woodstock Traffic Lawyer

Experienced Woodstock Traffic Lawyer







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